UK mobile number porting walk-through

You can submit a UK mobile number porting request for up to 25 numbers (Consumer process) via the API, or by using the porting section of the Ziron dashboard. Requests for over 25 numbers (Bulk process) should be submitted via email to 

Step 1: Number Details

Once logged into the Ziron dashboard, go to Numbers > Number Porting and click "New Porting Request". Select "UK" as country and enter a valid mobile number in national (e.g. 07700900123) or E164 (e.g. 447700900123) format, as well as an email address to receive updates on the status of this porting request. Click "Next" to validate the number and continue.


Step 2: Operator Details

Assuming the number passes validation checks, you will then be asked to select the current operator and port type. Select "UK MNP" and "consumer", and click "Next".


Step 3: Subscriber Details

Enter the Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) provided by your current service provider under "Authorisation Code". Optionally, add a description to your request (e.g. a reference number). Click "Next" to validate the PAC and continue.



Step 4: Port date

The earliest available porting date is automatically selected (usually one working days from today), but you can change this to a date in the future by clicking the calendar icon.

Click "Next" to continue.


Step 5: Your porting request will be created in draft state, and a page similar to the below will be displayed. To submit the porting request, click the green "Submit Request" button.

Within a few minutes, you will receive email acknowledgement that your porting request has been received and verified, and updates will be sent as the port progresses. You can also see these updates in the "History" section of the porting request.


Got questions? See our UK Mobile Number Porting FAQ

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