Number Recycling and Quarantining Policy

When a number is disconnected (either at the customer's request or for non-payment), routing will be removed immediately preventing any further calls being delivered.

In certain countries, when a number is disconnected, a quarantine period will be invoked by Ziron to prevent the number being allocated to another customer. The period of quarantine is country dependent, and is currently as follows:

Country Period *
UK Six months
Ireland Six months
Australia Six months
New Zealand Six months

(* During this period, it may be possible to reconnect the number, subject to an administration charge. Please contact Ziron Support for further assistance.)

In other countries, a seven day 'grace' period is given following disconnection, after which the number is returned to Ziron's local partner. Numbers cannot be reconnected after this point, and as Ziron does not control the local partner's recycling and quarantining procedures, we cannot advise on such.


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