Activating restricted numbers

Whilst we strive to activate purchased numbers within 60 seconds of an order being processed successfully, a small numbers of countries and their regulators have imposed restrictions which mean we require supporting documentation from the end user before certain types of numbers can be activated. 

The types of restrictions are as follows:

foreign End user must not be in the same country as the number(s) purchased
local End user must be in the same geographic area or zone as the number(s) purchased
domestic End user must be in the same country as the number(s) purchased
identity No location restriction, but identity must be verified

Restrictions relating to end user location will a copy of a utility bill (no older than six months) that can confirm the end user meets the location restriction.

In addition, all restricted numbers require end user identity documentation prior to activation. For non-business end users, a copy of their passport or national ID document is required. Business end users should provide a copy of the company registration certificate.

The documentation, along with a list of numbers to be associated with this end user, should be submitted via a support ticket

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