Ziron standard support service level agreement

The following defines Ziron’s standard support service level agreement. Please note that all times are minimums, and where possible we will respond quicker.

Fault categorisation
1 - Urgent: 
  • All inbound numbers have ceased to work (except ported numbers).
  • Termination to all voice destinations has ceased.
  • SMS messages to all destinations are rejected or undelivered.
  • All API services are unavailable.
  • Number Lookups to all networks are failing.
  • You cannot ping the Ziron network but can reach other sites (e.g. Google).
2 - High:
  • One or more inbound numbers are failing (except ported numbers).
  • You are experiencing a higher than normal level of outbound call failures.
  • You are receiving a higher than normal level of undelivered SMS messages.
  • Some API services are unavailable.
  • Number Lookups to one or more networks are failing.
3 - Normal
  • Poor quality or single destination outbound call failure.
  • SMS messages are failing to a single destination.
  • Loss of service to ported numbers (either request in progress or complete). 
  • Ziron dashboard inaccessible.
  • Prepayments and account enquiries.
  • Sales/service enquiries.
  • Numbering porting enquiries.
Response times
UK office hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays)
1 - Urgent: 1 hour.
2 - High: 2 hours.
3 - Normal: 4 hours.
Outside of these hours (including public holidays):
1 - Urgent: 2 hours.
2 - High: 4 hours.
3 - Normal: Next working day.
Reporting faults
Note: before submitting a fault, you should check the Ziron Status website for any service outages. Notifications from this site are also available on Twitter (@zironstatus).
To submit a fault, please use the Ziron Support Center and click the ‘Submit request’ link. Issues can also be reported via email to support@ziron.com - but please note all emails will automatically be categorised as ‘3 - Normal’ priority. Telephone support is only available to those customers with an agreed SLA.
Category 1 and 2 issues will call and text all available engineers 24/7 (Category 1) and out of office hours (Category 2) until the issue has been acknowledged. Category 3 (normal) issues will be placed into the support queue and dealt with by our support team during office hours. Faults mis-classified will be downgraded where appropriate.
By selecting "high" or "urgent" priority you agree that you have read and understood the above and acknowledge that Ziron reserve the right to apply a GBP 50 (or local currency equivalent) charge for incorrect use.
Major incidents
During major incidents, whilst we will endeavour to update each individual support ticket, we will always prioritise the sharing of information on the Ziron Status website.
Planned maintenance 
Whilst we endeavour to maintain full service 24/7, there will be times where we have to perform service-affecting maintenance. Under normal conditions we will give two weeks notice, however emergency maintenance may occur with less notice. Please visit the Ziron Status website for details of all forthcoming planned and emergency maintenance. 


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