UK mobile number porting FAQ

Ziron now offers UK mobile number porting (MNP) as a service. This allows you to "transfer" your mobile phone number from your existing Service Provider to Ziron.

How do I start the process?

You need to contact your current Service Provider (the company your contract is with) to ask for a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) and the give this code to Ziron. For the Consumer process, this should be submitted via the Porting section of the Ziron dashboard, or via the API. For the Bulk process, please email 

What if I have a pre-pay phone?

Your current Service Provider will issue you with a PAC if the number is still connected.

How long does it take?

Transferring 1 to 25 mobiles (Consumer process):

Your current Service Provider must give you a PAC or a reason why it cannot be issued within two hours of your request. Your PAC is valid for 30 calendar days, and your request must be submitted to Ziron within that time via the Porting section of the Ziron dashboard, or via the API.

Porting requests will usually complete within two working days, and you will be notified when this process has completed.

Transferring 26+ mobiles (Bulk process):

Your current Service Provider must give you a PAC or a reason why it cannot be issued within 10 working days of your request. Your PAC is valid for a period of 30 calendar days and your request must be submitted within that time via email to 

Within 1 working day of submission of your request to your Ziron, we will agree a schedule for Transferring your numbers with your current Service Provider. Your numbers will have to be transferred within 25 working days of the agreement of the Transfer schedule.

Is there any reason why my current Service Provider will not issue a PAC?

There are only four reasons:

  • If your number is disconnected; or
  • If the number you are requesting a PAC for is not with that Service Provider; or
  • If the Service Provider has already issued a PAC that is still valid for that number; or
  • If the you are unable to provide adequate identification that you are the legitimate account holder.

Can I withdraw my application after I have submitted it?

You can only withdraw your application to transfer before Ziron and your current Service Provider have agreed to transfer number. This up to 5pm on the day the PAC is provided to Ziron. 

Which mobile numbers can I transfer?

  • Your main handset number (Primary Number)
  • Any secondary numbers such as fax, data and priority voice lines. Services on any secondary number(s) not porting at the same time as their associated primary number may be lost. Therefore you must discuss this with your existing Service Provider prior to transferring your number.

Which mobile numbers can I NOT Transfer?

Any number that has already been disconnected.

Can I still use the existing services I use on my current Network?

Please note that, at this time, Ziron does not provide SIM card services. For ported in UK mobile numbers we only support voice and SMS, with service delivery via SIP (for voice) and HTTP push (SMS). Please see our API documentation for details.

What will it cost me to Transfer?

Your current Service Provider may charge you a fee to transfer your number, and so it is best to check this your current Service Provider. Also if you are terminating a contract early there is likely to be an early termination charge.

Ziron charges also apply, see here for details or go to Profile > Pricing > United Kingdom on the Ziron dashboard.

Can I transfer my number again?

Yes, you can Transfer your mobile number(s) again. Please contact Ziron Support to request a PAC.

Important Information

  • If you are transferring a pre-pay number, any credits with your current Service Provider will not be transferred to Ziron.
  • When you give the PAC to Ziron we will request transfer of the number from your current Service Provider and this transfer request gives notice to terminate your service with your current Service Provider.
  • The issuing of any PAC against a mobile number will revoke any previous disconnection request.
  • Service (and any associated subscription charges) will continue if no transfer request is received by your current Service Provider, even if you have previously given notice to terminate.
  • For the purpose of determining your obligations with regard to giving notice, the contract termination notice period is taken to commence on the date of issue of the PAC.
  • Once your number(s) have been transferred to Ziron, any services you receive will be discontinued with your current Service Provider.
  • You are responsible for identifying the secondary numbers (e.g. Fax and Data) that you wish to transfer along with their primary numbers.
  • You need to clarify with your current Service Provider whether service and subscription charges will continue for any secondary number the remains with them after the primary number is ported out.
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